The terminology of Graham (1969) is shown below with the exception of the side view of several thoraxes (from Compere 1931 and Grissell 1976). Most of the illustrations are of a pteromalid, but the terms apply fairly well to most chalcidoids. Some synonymous terms, which you might find used in the references cited, are ring segment for anellus, abdomen for gaster or metasoma, mesoscutum for scutum, parapsides for notauli, thorax for mesosoma, and postspiracular sclerite for prepectus. The numbering of metasomal segments is not always consistent. Some start with the propodeum as segment 1 and the petiole as segment 2. Others start with the first apparent segment (basal tergite of Graham) as segment 1. The most difficult problems of numbering are usually associated with the antennae. It is sometimes difficult to deciede what is a funicle segment and what is a club segment. The interpretation of such segments may vary from worker to worker. We have tried to avoid the use of antennae as much as possible but they offer important characters and cannot be ignored entirely.