Psyttalia novaguineensis (Sz├ępligeti, 1900)

Taxonomic History / Nomenclature
This is the type species of Austroopius, originally described as Austroopius novaguineensis by Szepligeti (1900). Wharton (1987) included Austroopius as a subgenus of Psyttalia, but later (Wharton 1997, 2009) abandoned the use of subgenera for Psyttalia.
For additional information, see the Psyttalia page.
Biology / Hosts
The following tephritids are listed as hosts by Fischer (1987), who also gives the host plants from which they were reared: Bactrocera calophylli (Perkins and May), B. endiandrae (Perkins and May), B. fagraea (Tryon), B. fuscata (Perkins and May), B. halfordiae (Tryon), B. pallida (Perkins and May), B. tryoni (Froggatt), Euphranta linocierae Hardy, and guavas infested by both B. kraussi (Hardy), and B. jarvisi (Tryon). For a more recent update, see Carmichael et al. 2005).

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