Utetes juniperi (Fischer, 1964)

Taxonomic History / Nomenclature
This species was originally described as Opius juniperi by Fischer (1964).
It was formally transferred from Opius to Utetes by Wharton (1997). Utetes had been recognized as a subgenus of Opius by Fischer (1972) , and later elevated to generic rank by Wharton (1988). However, most of the species that attack Tephritidae were not formally transferred to Utetes until 1997, after Utetes had been redefined (Wharton 1997).
For additional information, see the Utetes page.
Nothing is known about this species other than the information contained in the original description (Fischer 1964) and the comparison made with other species by Wharton and Marsh (1978).
See Wharton and Marsh (1978) for key to North American species of opiines attacking fruit-infesting tephritids.
Biology / Hosts
The species was described on the basis of specimens reared from juniper berries in association with a tephritid identified as Rhagoletis tabellaria (Fitch). However, R. tabellaria does not attack juniper berries. Juniper berries in Arizona are attacked by Rhagoletis juniperina Marcovitch as well as members of the tephritid genus Paraterellia.

There are no specimens currently determined for this OTU, or those specimens determined for this OTU are not yet mappable.