Neurogenia laticeps Benoit, 1955

Taxonomic History / Nomenclature
Neurogenia laticeps Benoit, 1955: 69-70.
Diagnosis and Relationships
Unlike other described species from the Afrotropical Region, M+Cu does not have an anteriorly directed spur but the vein is thickened, and therefore somewhat tuberculate, as in Asian species of the genus and in several undescribed species from the Afrotropical Region that we have seen in AEI, BMNH, CNC, and TAMU. Unlike the Asian species in the Perilissoides species group, 1M is not thickened nor bowed basally in laticeps and the other undescribed Afrotropical species we have seen. The eye is small in laticeps relative to ocellaris and 1cu-a is distinctly postfurcal as in most other described species.
Democratic Republic of the Congo. This species was described based on a single male from Kivu, Rutshuru (Repository: RMCA).
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