Entiminae are the largest subfamily of weevils found in North America, with 124 genera placed in 23 tribes according to Anderson (2002). Their most recognizable feature, aside from their shortened rostrum— a trait that gives them their common name "broad-nosed weevils"— is the deciduous mandibular process. However, the process typically breaks off shortly after the adults emerge, leaving a distinct scar on each mandible. It is important to note that not all members of Entiminae found in Arizona have mandibular process scars. In particular, members of genera Dirotognathus Horn and Sitona Germar and lack such a scar, and Ophryastes Say and Trichalophus LeConte tend to have rather elongate rostra. The purpose of this project is to provide an interactive and illustrated key that allows the identification of Entimine weevils reported for the state of Arizona. The taxa were acquired primarily through a recent donation from the Charles W. O'Brien Collection (CWOB). The characters, in turn, were extracted from Anderson's (2002) key. Genus and species names were used in accordance with O'Brien & Wibmer (1982). The key includes images representing both (1) the dorsal and lateral habitus of representative species for each genus, and (2) detail photographs of relevant diagnostic features. The was produced using the mx software platform. Support by Matt Yoder is kindly acknowledged.

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