Doryctobracon zeteki Muesebeck, 1938

Taxonomic History / Nomenclature
Doryctobracon zeteki (Muesebeck, 1958).

This species was originally described in the genus Opius.

This species is commonly found attacking Anastrepha in guava.
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1. D. zeteki habitus: lateral...
Biology / Hosts
Reared most commonly from Anastrepha striata Schiner in fruits of common guava and other species of Psidium. See Wharton et al. (1981) for host and host plant associations in Costa Rica. Ovruski et al. (2000) review host and distribution data and this reference is a good source for additional literature; Aluja et al. (2003) reported on the northernmost range extension for this species in southern Mexico.

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