Fopius okekai Kimani-Njogu and Wharton, 2002

See comments under Fopius desideratus species group on the Fopius page. This species is known only from the original description (Kimani-Njogu and Wharton 2002).
Diagnosis and Relationships
The form of the clypeus (Fig. 1 above) is diagnostic (Kimani-Njogu and Wharton 2002).
The presence of large subapical nodes on the ovipositor and reduced setation on the ovipositor sheath are characteristics of this and other members of the Fopius desideratus species group.
1.Fopius okekai head.
2. Fopius okekai right fore wing....
Biology / Hosts
Reared from undetermined tephritid puparia in fruits of Culcasia falcifolia. Probably a parasitoid of Trirhithrum.

There are no specimens currently determined for this OTU, or those specimens determined for this OTU are not yet mappable.